Vocal Energetics

Vocal Energetics: Judith Lynne and her work in sound healing for Parkinson’s patients

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A new DVD project is in the works about this sound healer. Early in 2008 Judith was featured in our film “Vibration for Healing” as one of the sound healers who use the crystal singing bowls. We filmed her sounding with the dolphins in Hawaii. Because Judith shares her time between Portland, Oregon and her spiritual home in Hawaii, it is in these two locations that this new film will be produced.

The first part of this project is the creation of a meditation video specifically geared to persons with Parkinson’s Disease. In order to make this meditation available to the PD community in general, it will be posted free on a YouTube site specifically created for the project. This video has been graciously funded by the Lyman Fund.

The second part of the project is the creation of a full-length DVD which will include a documentary about Judith Lynne, her journey and her work. For the PD community, the producers feel that the most important part of the DVD will be the special features. These features will include the afore-mentioned meditation, specific vocal exercises, segments of Judith’s workshop presentations, etc. These will be features that the PD community will be able to access on a daily basis.

Below is part of Judith Lynne’s story:

During the early 1990s I developed Vocal Energetics™, a holistic approach using the voice for healing and meditation. Beginning in 1997, I taught this program in Western US and Canada and offered Sound Intensives in Hawaii annually over a ten-year period.

Then in 2008, I was overtaken by mysterious symptoms that a year and a half later were diagnosed as Parkinson’s Disease. I thought my life was over. Much of the time I spent lying flat on my back in bed; it was too painful to stand for any length of time. My fingers were losing dexterity; I could no longer play piano or button my blouse. I was unable to peel a banana or chop vegetables. My feet were beginning to cramp and pronate. I was losing bowel and bladder control. I needed help dressing and getting out of chairs. Worst of all, I was developing Parkinson’s mask, a disastrous condition for a singer.

Stories from my teacher, Hawaiian elder and High Chief Hale Makua swirled in my mind. Although he had entered the realm of the ancestors in 2004, still I could feel his presence as if he were standing right next to me. There are three precepts at the heart of Makua’s teaching: 1) See the aloha in everything with humility; 2) Live that aloha with reverence; 3) Practice self-discipline because what you possess, possesses you. Further he said that when challenges arise and one has difficulty feeling the aloha (state of connected unconditional love), the fastest way to establish alignment is to move into unlimited acceptance with what is presenting. When that is achieved, resistance dissolves and we align 100% with present moment and the possibilities open from there.

As I got stronger I began to work again. The two+ years off provided a new perspective as I looked at the Vocal Energetics™ program. My exploration of the Parkinson’s world revealed studies showing the benefits of meditation, qigong, tai chi and a voice program called LSVT. Quickly I recognized the value of the Vocal Energetics™ program for Parkinson’s as it included elements of each of these items and more. I revamped, mainstreamed and offered workshops. Attendees with PD reported improved balance, improved vocal projection, diction and melody, diminished or ceasing of tremors, and mood elevation. The toning meditation practice was helpful especially for those who find difficulty in quieting the mind, which can be a challenge for a person with PD as worry, agitation, and suffering anxiety about possible futures are typical emotional expressions. The deep peace felt by being in present moment, lowers the pulse and blood pressure, calms all systems of the body and supports mental clarity.

I became aware of how much the toning meditation process had shifted the perspective from which I live my life. The essential benefit of toning is that it connects me with eternal infinite presence. When one is walking through life with a challenge of any sort, this re-focusing can affect everything about how one adjusts to the changes. Restored health and happiness springs forth from the conscious connection with the eternal and toning is an excellent way to establish that connection.

Giving back in service in some way is very important to my spiritual practice. Three years ago I wondered what meaning I could make of my Parkinson’s and what service it would lead me to. Today I can state that doorways are opening into arenas I never ever could have anticipated, opening the opportunity to bring Vocal Energetics™ in general and the toning meditation in particular to the Parkinson’s community. This one of a kind holistic program provides an innovative and unique modality to support people with Parkinson’s. Beneficial on multiple levels, the basic meditation practice is easily learned. This video will provide an incredible gift to help people with Parkinson’s and others in meeting their journeys.

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